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مشاوره آنلاین به این معنی است که  تعاملی بین تماس گیرنده و مشاور از طریق اینترنت به صورت نوشتاری ، زنده و محرمانه انجام میشود که در جهت برطرف نمودن ...
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تغییر روحیه شما یا اطرافیانتان شاید چند ثانیه بیشتر وقتتان را نگیرد...  

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پOnce the papers are signed, some people still refuse to move on in a healthy manner. Rather, they cling to their ex-spouse in several harmful ways. This eventually becomes problematic for the ex and ...

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Let's be good!small things to make life more beautiful

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Masters Degree
Master of Psychology, Certified in William Glasser's Reality Therapy Training courses, teacher of training courses on Life Skills, member of the Iranian Psychological Association, 10 years of experience providing Psychological Services, experience ...
Masters Degree
Master of Clinical Psychology, Premarital Counselor, Marriage and Family therapist, with more than 5 years of practical experience and expertise
Masters Degree
University teacher, Family Counselor and Therapist for over 8 years of experience in public and private Counseling Centers, experienced in Premarital and Family Counseling, and Child Sudden Behavior Change therapist
Masters Degree
supporter and educational consultant in Ghalamchi Center of Education specialized University Entrace Exam related consultation, test management methods, planning and personal organization.  

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